10 Key Rules of Bodybuilding


Your attention is presented to the list, which contains 10 key rules of bodybuilding, observance of which will lead you to success! With the help of these features you will achieve the result, which you could only dream about. It is necessary to follow these rules so that the efforts made are not in vain, and after some time you have achieved the desired


Eat small meals in order to speed up your metabolism, include in your diet, cellulose, fruits, vegetables. Keep counting your calories in order to make it easier to adjust the amount of food.

Restrict cardio

Do not abuse cardio workouts, the duration of one cardio session should not exceed 30 minutes and not more than 3 times a week. Interval cardio will allow you to lose fat and maintain muscle mass, interval training should be performed a couple of times a week and not more than 30 minutes.

Optimal number of repetitions

Use approaches in which the number of repetitions does not exceed 20, and muscle failure should occur around 12-14th repetition. The optimal number of repetitions is 6-12 times in the approach, with the help of this you can ensure optimal muscle growth.

Also, do not forget that one training session should not be longer than an hour, and the amount of rest between the approaches should be selected in private, but on average it is 70 seconds.

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Believe in yourself.

Often in any kind of activity, results do not come only from the fact that a person does not believe in what he is capable of. Believe in the opportunity to change yourself, to transform reality. This applies not only to bodybuilding. Belief in yourself is the first step in achieving the goal. If you do not believe in yourself, then who will believe?

Integrated training

Pull-ups, push-ups, squats and other basic exercises involve a lot of muscles, thus giving the best result from the training. Therefore, you should pay attention to basic exercises at least as often as cardio.


Injuries are very common in athletes. To avoid various stretches, you should conduct a qualitative warm-up before training, it will warm up muscles and prevent bad consequences from training. Also, warm-up is good for subsequent recovery after training.

bodybuilding rules
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Diversity in bodybuilding

Do not need to use the same training program for months, because the muscles get used to the same load and stop growing. It is necessary to increase weights on the bar and dumbbells, and the best way is to change your training program and avoid addiction. However, you can make only minor adjustments, such as changing the number of repetitions, or adding a new exercise.

Rest after workout

In order for the muscles to develop intensively, it is necessary to monitor the amount of sleep. The ideal option will be 7-8 hours, otherwise training may not be effective, and muscle growth can go on a decline.

Perseverance will lead to success.

Remember that if you constantly use the right training programs, adequate nutrition and recovery and plus some supplements, then the goals will eventually be achieved. Someone is faster, someone slower. Nothing happens only with the one who does nothing.

bodybuilding rules
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Excessive concentration.

Many bodybuilders are too focused on bodybuilding. Therefore, if due to some circumstances you have to skip training or break a diet, there often appears a feeling of dissatisfaction and a desire to quit the entire program. But even if there was a stop, it is important to continue moving forward. If the car has lowered the wheel, then we do not throw the car on the roadside, but change it and continue moving.

Power bodybuilder is subject to 10 simple rules, more correctly, laws that are the same for a beginner, and for an experienced professional. These ten commandments contain the specificity of bodybuilding as a sport, where nutrition plays the role of a key condition for successful training.

There is no point in observing one rule or, say, five. A bodybuilder must follow all ten canons. Otherwise, he risks not only to achieve nothing, but also to harm his health. The fact is that the organism of the bodybuilder experiences severe pressure of training loads, and proper nutrition is the main way for their compensation!

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