Bodybuilding for beginners – basic exercises

bodybuilding for beginners

Beginners often ask: can I see the result after the first training? Bodybuilding for beginners is something complicated and unexplored. A well-designed training program will allow you to see the results already in the first weeks of training. However, do not overdo it and make too complicated programs for beginners. Much more important are the basic exercises.

Basic exercises – your way to success

Such exercises as bench press, deadlift, push-ups on the uneven bars are basic, they form the basis for building muscle mass. Do not avoid isolated exercises, if you need to train only one group of muscles.

In basic exercises, many muscles of the human body are involved at once, and isolated exercises on the contrary – give the opportunity to work out HIIT exercises with a certain muscle. Without basic exercises, you can not reach large muscles.

workout routine for beginners
Basic exercises

Beginning of the training process

At the very beginning of training in the gym, the beginner should train with a small weight to learn the correct technique of doing exercises. It is not necessary to hurry, it is necessary to perform exercises slowly, remembering the technique at the same time.

After that, you can do alternative “finishing” exercises, for example, for the bench press, this exercise will be push-ups on the uneven bars, for squats – press your feet in the simulator, for the deadlift – pull up on the bar.

For the first time, training is not necessary to overload the body, only gradually increase the weight on the rod (in 2-3 kg increments). Only after a while, and on average it’s 2-3 months, you can start more intensive training, and then slowly take up the load.

What’s next?

Performing all the basic exercises together for three or four approaches in combination with isolation exercises should last 5-8 months, at which time you still need to practice the technique of doing the exercises. Recovery after training should occur quickly enough for beginning athletes, so the load will not pass in vain.

After 8-12 months have passed, split-training becomes relevant for the athlete. Split-training is a training in which there is a division of each part of the body on individual days.

One of the best options will be:
Day 1 – sit-ups with the barbell.
Day 2 – bench press and bars.
Day 3 – deadlift and pull-ups on the bar.

Basic exercises should be performed in 5 sets, 8 repetitions. Pulling and uneven bars – optional, in the number of 1-3 sets for 6-8 repetitions. Subsequently, the number of repetitions in the basic exercises can be reduced to 5, thus it will be possible to progress a sufficiently long period. Do not immediately take a lot of weight, which you can overpower by 5-6 repetitions. The best option is a smooth but sure increase in weight, and a decrease in the number of repetitions can be done approximately once at 3-4 months. After 5 repetitions the weight will cease to grow (it is understood that you have been training enough for a long time.

how to start bodybuilding
Bodybuilder’s back muscles

General tips and advice for beginners

  1. Give yourself a year, during which you will persevere. Remember: skipping classes and non-systematic training is the right step to a lack of effectiveness and frustration in bodybuilding.

  2. When you come to your first workout, do not put the goal to the maximum load yourself. Increase the load smoothly, from training to training – prepare the body for a new mode of work for him.

  3. Train 3-4 times a week, not more often. Do not allow excessive fatigue and overtraining, constantly monitor the recovery process.

  4. Do not tighten the workout for longer than 1-1.5 hours. The rule – “the longer, the better” can have the opposite effect.

  5. A special role is given to the correct technique of exercises, use deliberately small working weights.

  6. Do not teach the body to do the exercises incorrectly (even at this stage you do it best), later it will play a cruel joke with you – using a large working balance with an incorrect technique will sooner or later end in serious trauma.

  7. Observe the diet, but do not overeat. Insufficient nutrition will also negatively affect the effectiveness of training.

  8. Use the split schemes and start a workout diary.

From all of the above, it can be concluded that bodybuilding is a sport that helps to keep the muscles of the body always toned and helps to strengthen health.

Watch 6 bodybuilding tips for beginners:

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6 thoughts on “Bodybuilding for beginners – basic exercises

    1. If you want to do a workout with minimum exercises and with that must be beneficial for you then here you go;

      1. Push (Pressing Away From You)
      2. Pull (Tugging Toward You)
      3. Hip-Hinge (Bending From The Middle)
      4. Squat (Flexing At The Knee)
      5. Plank (Stabilizing Your Core).

    1. If it’s your start, then you can begin with some exercises that are for beginners as well which will enhance your strength as well. These are Squats (it’s one of the best strengthening exercises), Pushups ( there is a variety of performing pushups, you can choose according to your choice), Plank ( best for strengthening core muscles), Deadlifts, and Rows.

    1. There are plenty of exercises that are effective for you at home such as bodyweight squats (20 reps), walking lunges (20 reps, 10 each leg), Jump step-ups (20 reps, 10 each leg), Pull-ups (10 reps or inverted bodyweight rows), Dips (between bar stools, 10 reps), Chin-ups: (10 reps or inverted bodyweight rows with an underhand grip), Pushups (10 reps), Plank (30 seconds).

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