Exercises for butt muscles at home

butt muscles

In this article, you will learn 10 effective exercises for the butt muscles and thighs that will suit all girls, they can be easily performed at home, without wasting time and money for the gym (you need only a dumbbell, a spacious room and your desire).

One of the secrets of good looks is working on the buttocks. This is a simplified term, meaning a large, medium and small gluteus muscles. Intensive training includes 10 exercises that focus on the muscles of the buttocks.

butt muscles
Pumped woman’s butt muscles

Buttocks are a large group of muscles that respond well to training with small scales and with little rest breaks, or without them at all. Such exercises well develop endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular system, tighten the buttocks, giving them a tone and elasticity (if you want to start training with strength exercises in the gym, we recommend that you read article about training for beginner).

If you compare someone who pumps a girl or a guy more quickly, then the female sex will win, simply because the muscles of the lower part of the body react much faster to the load, due to the peculiarity of the structure of the female body, which reacts better to the metabolic stress of the lower part of the body, but also accumulates fat, nutrients in the same place faster, all for the same reason, the reason for bearing the baby.

The basic movements in the exercises below will be directed to the hips and gluteal muscle groups.

Effective exercises for buttocks at home

Each of the following exercises should be performed for a minute with a minimum rest between approaches, depending on your level of physical fitness, the higher it is, the less restshould be. To begin with, try 1 minute work, rest for 1 minute, and go on to the next exercise, according to the principle of circular training at home.

butt muscles
Squats to pump butt muscles

You can perform as many exercises as you like, combining them with any other 10-minutecomplexes, including hands, legs, back and stomach.

Goblet Squat

Place your feet shoulder width apart and rotate your toes as if you are standing on the clock face and pointing at 11 and 1. Maintain weight at the chest level while moving, doing squats. During the lower position of the squats, the knees should be over the ankles. During lifting, you should lean on the heels.

butt muscles
Athletic woman performing a functional exercise with kettlebell.


These are the exercises for lunging forward. 90% of the effort should be concentrated on the buttocks and the front of the legs. Step forward and tense the buttocks, the front knee should protrude slightly forward, projecting beyond the ankle, slightly bending. Both knees should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Focus on the leg that is in front to push forward, while focusing on the buttocks. Change your legs at every step.

butt exercises
Falls exercise

Single-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift

Focus your attention on the supporting leg and bend slightly at the knee. Keep your eyes a few steps ahead of yourself. The dumbbell must move freely. Lean forward, feel the stability of the supporting leg and return to the starting position with effort. Each leg is given for 30 seconds.

butt exercises at home
Single-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift At Home

Fire Hydrant

For this exercise it is necessary to become, leaning on the floor of the legs, bent at the knees, and outstretched hands. One leg, bent at the knee, is set aside. In this position, stay for 3 seconds. The head and neck should remain on one line, the sight is directed to the floor. Each movement is performed for 30 seconds. Then change and execute the same with the other foot.

Fire hydrant exercise

Pistol Squat

This is a complex exercise that requires balance, so you need to use your hands while driving to maintain balance. Crouch, standing on one leg, the free leg is extended forward. Exhale before resetting. Imagine that your knees are fixedly fixed in space, and the body moves around one point. Stand up, lean on the heels. One foot is given 30 seconds, then change and perform the same with the other leg. If you can not sit down completely, try to hold on to something stable.

butt exercises at home
Pistol squat

Crescent Kicks

Hold the center of the body to reduce backward movements while lifting the legs and performing semi-circular strikes forward. Use your hands to maintain balance. Straighten, watch for a flat back and focus efforts on the hips.

butt exercises
Crescent kicks exercise at home

Single-Leg Squat

Concentrate all your attention on the supporting leg and use the second leg to maintain balance, if necessary. Squat until the upper part of the thigh is parallel to the floor. At the end, the knee should be over your fingers or slightly in front. Strain the gluteal muscles during the adoption of the initial position. Each nou is allocated for 30 seconds.

Butt exercise
Single-Leg Squat

Speed ​​Skaters

As you tilt from side to side, keep the hips in a lower position, leaning your body weight closer to the floor, as far as possible. Keep your chest elevated and look ahead. Feel the center of the body and hold the balance during exercise.

Single-Leg Squat
Speed skaters exercise

Jump Squat

Perform a squat and, approaching the floor, feel the energy to jump up. After the jump, land very gently on your half-bent knees, trying to make it as quiet as possible. Use your handsduring the jump, helping when moving up.

butt muscles
Jump squat

Dumbbell Sumo Squat sit-ups

Keep your chest elevated and shoulders relaxed during movement. Keep dumbbells at the chest level and put your feet wider than required for traditional sit-ups. Stop below, counting to two and straighten up, leaning on the heels, returning to the starting position. Allow the hips to move up and down more than back, like in classic squats.

Butt muscles
Dumbbell Sumo Squat sit-ups to pump butt muscles

After you finish the 10-minute series, that is, when you perform all 10 exercises on the buttocks, repeat the circle 2-3 times. Of course, if your body is not prepared for sports loads, then you should start small, the time for one exercise to cut to 20-30 seconds, and reduce the number of exercises to 3-4, choosing at your discretion, based on your level of physical training.

Do not forget to warm up, warm up your muscles, before doing these exercises, it can be:

  • Running on the spot
  • Jumping rope
  • Jumping out of low squat
  • Air squats

The warm-up should take place in an easy mode, on the pulse 90-110 beats per minute.

As a bonus, all the girls who want to tidy up not only their buttocks and thighs, but the whole figure as a whole, are offered to familiarize themselves with our training program in the gym.

Aerobic exercise (running, swimming, skipping rope, jumping) insignificantly leads into the tone of the buttocks, while weight training (no matter at home they will be held or in the gym) are able to pump muscles, make the buttocks elastic like a ” nut “, so expect a real result from the given exercises.

butt muscles

Any sports load that aims to pump muscles, bring them to tone, pull up or lose weight at all, is always coupled at the same level in importance with proper nutrition.

If you have excess weight in the lower body, then you it will be better to direct all their efforts on adjusting your diet food, supplementing it with aerobic training, and vice versa, if you too are thin, you need to increase the caloric content of the food, and connect the power exercises in the gym or at home, otherwise given exercises for the buttocks, will create an even greater deficit of calories in the body, and you want them to start only reduce in size their ass.

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