Exercises on the Tabata system: what is tabata training and why you should definitely try


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Tabata exercises have gained their popularity relatively recently. The fact is that this type of physical activity can be used for various purposes. First and foremost, a reduction in the percentage of subcutaneous fat that makes many people less attractive than they could be. To date, the lack of free time is no longer an excuse for sports activities.

Exercises on the Tabata system do not require any additional equipment and related equipment. Training can be carried out even at home, and the load time will be only four minutes. How does Tabata gymnastics differ from traditional gym classes? Why is this system considered so effective?

Tabata Workouts: A Little History

The author of the program is the Japanese physiologist and doctor of sciences Izumi Tabata, who in 1996 conducted research aimed at finding loads to increase the endurance of athletes. The experiment on two groups of experimental subjects lasted about two weeks. The first group – of medium intensity – trained 5 times a week for one hour. A group of high intensity – four times a week for 4 minutes.

After 1.5 months, scientists were very surprised by the results. The first group improved their skills in the process of aerobic exercise, but at the same time their muscles did not change at all. While the second group showed much more effective indicators of the anaerobic system. Tabata protocol was tested in a rigorous scientific environment, and this was one of the most serious evidence of the effectiveness of the training.

Prior to this interesting experiment, the doctor authored over a hundred scientific articles in popular sports publications. That is why the world believed him and tabata became one of the favorite loads of athletes and just amateurs.

Tabata for Beginners: A Workout Example

Before a workout, take a few minutes to warm up. The very example of training on the Tabata system may look like this:

  • push ups – 4 minutes with
  • bodyweight squats – 4 minutes
  • burpees exercise – 4 minutes
  • Climber exercise (Climber) – 4 minutes

Start with push ups. Perform them for 20 seconds with high intensity. Rest for 10 seconds, and then return to the 20 second push-ups. After you complete eight laps, rest for one minute.

Then go to the squats and repeat the familiar sequence of alternating 20 and 10 seconds. As soon as you finish eight approaches, take a break for one minute again, and then take a burpie complex. After that, rest and finish your workout with the Climber exercise.

Tabata is great for express training at home if you have little time or no opportunity to attend the gym. But you can also include this type of exercise in your fitness program and get great results.

Tip: to make it easier for you to keep track of time during the workout, download the special Tabata Timer application, which will help you set the intervals between sets personally for you.

If you want to start exercises that burn fat better than jogging as soon as possible, examples of tabat videos will help in mastering this highly effective workout.

Quick reference

Homework training, which will be discussed, will be very useful for most novice athletes, because they themselves will control the entire process. The presented method of losing weight is considered highly effective for the reason that the whole complex of exercises most effectively loads the entire body. The point is that the emphasis is not in favor of the number of repetitions and approaches, but of time under load.

It’s hard to believe, but the Tabata method in just 4 minutes will allow you to fully load the entire muscle mass. The body gets tired in the first few minutes, and then the processes that speed up the speed of losing weight come into play. The trainings of Tabata were developed by the famous Japanese doctor – Izumi Tabata, who for many years improved this system together with his institute team.


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Research results have shown that such a fitness is ideal not only for beginners, but also for experienced athletes who simply can’t properly load their muscles. Training Tabata give more noticeable results in comparison with classic aerobics.

Performing a set of exercises just four minutes, you can effectively pump muscle strength. For novice athletes, these few minutes seem like torture. If you decide to use such a difficult direction for losing weight, you must be prepared for the loads. The initial phase should be comfortable, and all loads are minimal.

Coming to fitness, you should completely forget about cosmetics, because sweat will flow like water, and flowed mascara will bring little pleasure to your eyes. The Tabata method consists of two key elements:

  • sprint phase (20 seconds);
  • rest phase (10 seconds).

During the training session is repeated up to seven times. The secret to losing weight quickly, for both men and women lies in sprint intervals: you have to give everything 20 seconds and do the maximum number of repetitions. Only 10 seconds are allocated for rest. This pattern should be repeated at least seven times.

Such fitness is impossible without a clock / stopwatch, which will count down the seconds and minutes under load. The Tabata complex includes various elements:

  • push ups;
  • squats;
  • movements with dumbbells / weights, etc.

How to warm up?

In order for fitness to bring benefits to the body, it is necessary to do a high-quality workout. You can start with alternate attacks: first, the left leg is bent at the knee joint, and the right leg remains straight. In the lower point small springy movements are made, changing the angle of inclination of the loaded leg. This movement must be repeated, but for the other leg.

We should not forget about the squats, which will be useful for both men and women. The heels should not lift off the floor, and the knees should be parallel to each other. While squatting, you can relax and alternate the position during exertion and rest. At the moment of squatting, they are pulled out in front of them, and when they are raised they rise upwards.


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Thus, even warm-up squats allow you to load the muscles of the thighs and legs. After finishing the warm-up complex, you should spend time with a five-minute hitch. Tabata for weight loss is simply indispensable for beginner athletes, who in just four minutes a day will be able to see dramatic changes in their figure.
This method is ideal for those people who have not been involved in sports for a long time, rejecting any fitness. Everyone has to memorize only one rule: during training you cannot stop and disturb measured intervals.

Only a small part of women and men reaches the fourth minute, because the loads are of an unusual character. Each movement is performed at the fastest pace during the sprint phase, followed by a short rest. The Japanese system is not built on the number of repetitions, as mentioned earlier, but on time intervals. Once the complex has been completed, you must immediately proceed to stretching.

Great results from training can be expected only if the set of exercises was repeated from 3 to 6 times. Of course, everything will depend on the level of preparedness of the athlete, for beginners, this bar is somewhat reduced.

The method can be fully used at home. Speaking of regularity, there is no strict framework. It should be noted that fitness according to the principle described above cannot be used by everyone. The risk group includes people who have diagnosed cardiovascular diseases. Before the start of training, a thorough warm-up is carried out, warming the joints.

How to load muscles?

If no contraindications were found, you can begin to practice the complex for weight loss.

  1. Trainers emphasize that training for men and women must begin with squats. In the initial phase, the legs should be set shoulder-width apart and start moving up to the parallel with the floor.
  2. Pushups are performed at the fastest possible pace. This movement fully utilizes the pectoral and arm muscles. If push-ups from the floor seem too complicated, then you can simply rest your knees on the floor.
  3. Having taken a horizontal position on the back, you should put your hands behind your head, and bend your legs at the knees. Such a movement is done quickly, but technically. The shoulder blades should not come off the floor, since only the abdominal muscles should work.
  4. Alternate lunges with legs, which are bent at the knee joint at an angle of 90 °.
  5. Putting your hands on a chair, you need to move the buttocks to the floor. The Tabata method involves push-ups for men and mostly for women, because the flabby triceps immediately catches the eye. Performing push-ups, it is necessary to ensure that the hands remain parallel to each other.
  6. Taking a horizontal position, the support is shifted to the foot, abutting the floor. The knees should maintain a 90 ° bend angle. Starting the separation of the buttocks and back from the floor surface, it is possible to shift the load. Every replay should be quick.
  7. Lying on his stomach on the floor, you should make a simultaneous separation of the body and legs. The lowering phase should be as slow as possible so that the tension in the muscle is maintained throughout the entire working session.
  8. Resting on the forearm, you need to lie down. The movement will be similar to pushups for men, only static load will be involved here. The stomach and loin should remain under load for the entire 20 seconds.


Tabata is not just a fitness for weight loss, which in one day will help get rid of excess fat deposits. The Japanese program is introduced into the complex of every professional athlete, since its main task is the increment of muscular endurance, the result of which is the effect of losing weight.

If fitness has long been the usual norm, then the Tabata method should be complicated. Doing exercise every day, you need to monitor your progress and not rush. As mentioned earlier, such a fitness, for both men and women, will bear fruit only if all the above recommendations are followed.


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For example, during the first or second minute, you can speed up the pace noticeably or take an additional burden, but the method does not imply a reduction in the intervals. For people over the age of 35, classes every day will simply be contraindicated if the body has not been loaded for many years.

Japanese Tabata just four minutes a day can produce amazing results. Introducing this method in life, you can notice changes in various areas, ranging from the introduction of correct habits and ending with another reflection in the mirror. Of course, physical exertion will not immediately bear fruit, the main thing is to be patient and follow your goal. The Japanese technique is tested on many athletes, try it and you.

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