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hiit workout

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HIIT workout is a “high-intensity interval training”, that is, a high intensity interval training. Usually this is 4-5 exercises for different muscle groups, which are performed in 3-4 approaches without pauses for rest. And all would be nothing, only the exercises are complex and exhausting.

All the most hated: squats with a foot “pistol”, push-ups on one hand, great and terrible burrs (push-up – rise – jump upwards with a cotton over your head). On average this execution takes 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes training is limited not by the number of repetitions, but by the execution time.

As a name for the HIIT workout complexes, the word “workout” has taken root in Russian. In translation, it’s just a “training”, but it’s more convenient to use Anglicism – it’s immediately clear that this is not just a simple training, but a short interval complex.

In the network, the workouts are dedicated to blogs, the wrestlers are picked up by invigorating music, the most popular authors (and brave performers!) Of the hiit exercises are creating their channels on Youtube. What is so good about these HIIT workout? If you believe the research, then with their help you can:

1. Engage quickly, efficiently and regularly

If you perform a full-fledged workout, the training lasts about 10-15 minutes. At least once a day, each person can release 10 minutes for training – in the morning, in the evening or at lunch time. On an easy warm-up or industrial gymnastics, it’s a pity to spend even this time: motivation is not enough. But with the help of the system of workouts you can conduct a full training in just ten minutes. And to make regular 10-minutes much easier than an hour and a half training.

hiit workouts
Running woman

2. Burn more fat

Numerous studies show that HIIT workout burn more fat than conventional workouts. The reason is that they are more powerful in dispersing the metabolism within 24 hours after the load. For example, the production of growth hormone, which affects the intensity of fat burning, increases to 450%.

Participants in the study of the State University of East Tennessee in 2001 for 8 weeks of HIIT exercises reduced the volume of adipose tissue by 2%. During the same period, those who performed a constant intensity load on the treadmill did not change their performance.

3. To develop endurance and strengthen the heart

high intensity interval training
On the photo: HIIT workout

Participants in one of the 2006 studies after 8 weeks of HIIT workout were able to ride a bicycle twice the distance while maintaining the same pace. A study by the American College of Sports Medicine in 2011 shows that 2 weeks of HIIT exercises improve endurance in the same way as 6-8 weeks of prolonged constant intensity training.

4. Do without equipment anywhere

At home, at work, on a walk, on a business trip, on vacation – workouts can be done anywhere. The concept is simple – transition to maximum effort in a short time. If there are dumbbells – well, no – you can and without them.

As a burden on most werewolves, five-liter bottles of water are recommended. In addition, there are a lot of very complex exercises and without burdens. Go on vacation – choose the suitable workout: training should not stop during the rest.

5. Test yourself

Every new workout is a challenge. Many exercises in the workuts are so sophisticated and complex that I do not even want to try. And they turn out to be difficult not only at first glance – it’s all really so conceived. However, you need to try all the exercises.

Firstly, because most of them to you all the same on forces. Secondly, so you expand the repertoire and be able to replace the really impossible exercises with the equivalent, but feasible.  Workout can be modified by choosing another exercise for the same muscle group. But do not spare yourself: let the replacement be doable, but also very difficult.

hiit exercises
HIIT workout: push-ups

High intensity interval training can be this:

1. Squats, you can start without burden. 8 repetitions.

2. Leaps forward with turns to change the supporting leg, you can start without burdening. 8 repetitions.

3. Push-ups complicated (to choose) – 4 repetitions, usual push-ups – 4 repetitions.

4. Classical twisting, you can start without burdening. 8 repetitions.

The entire complex must be performed four times without rest between approaches.

Long stay on the hiit workout for beginners is not necessary – there is too much interesting in front. For example, such a workout (training for trained):

1. Push-ups with an upper leg exercises rest (for example, put them on a chair).

2. Jumping from the squat (do not forget to keep the weight of the body on the heels).

3. Side twists with rolls (alternate sides, rolling on the other side).

4. Squat with burdening – push-up – jump upwards with weights.

For each exercise – 1 minute. Perform 3 circles without rest.

beginner workout
Trx is used in a HIIT workout

Or this:

1. Running with a high rise of the knees (10 times) – lie on your stomach – get up. 6 repetitions.

2. Jumping kicks in the sides in the bar. 25 times.

3. Lifting the pelvis lying on the back (without jerking and swaying, press the waist to the floor). 20 repetitions.

4. Bounce on a stool (one foot always stands on a stool). 20-25 repetitions on each leg.

5. Push-ups “Superman” (with the rise of opposite legs and hands in the upper position). 6-10 repetitions.

Do this complex 4 times without rest.


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