How to start training for a beginner?


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The lack of initial knowledge of proper training for a beginner in the gym is a  fairly popular problem among young athletes who are “dipped” into the world of fitness and bodybuilding. Because of what, many beginners do not understand, with what it is necessary to begin to build the trainings.

First of all, when answering this vast question, I would like to highlight the key points that a newcomer should address:

  • Training program
  • Technique of performing exercises
  • Diet
  • Restoration of the body

All of the above points are very important when it comes to a competent approach to the process of increasing muscle mass and strength. Not observance, or neglect, at least one of them, entails a training regress, because of which you will lose motivation for further studies in the gym.

start training
Beginner woman in the gym

Therefore, if you want to pump up significantly the muscles and increase the strength at times, we ask you to take this issue very seriously, following all the advice and recommendations given in this article below or read 10 key rules of bodybuilding.

The main points, which are primarily to pay attention to beginners, when planning their training, we said, it remains to talk about each in more detail.

Choosing a training program for a beginner

Any training program for beginners should include basic muscle exercises. Accordingly, for the pectoral muscles, this is the bench bench press, for the legs and back – sit – ups with the barbell on the shoulders and the deadlift, and it’s mandatory for the back muscles to include pull-ups with a wide grip.

The four exercises listed above, with the right combination of approaches and repetitions, as well as rest days, are able to change within one year, your body is beyond recognition. Of course, if you have never been exercising, it’s better to remove cravings until your muscular corset is strong enough to avoid back injuries.

start training
Training with dumbbells

The range of repetitions for a beginner should lie in the range of 8-12 (for the growth of muscle mass), and 4-6, for the growth of strength indicators, rest between approaches 2-3 minutes, if the work on force, then you can increase to 4-5 no more.

Various ancillary exercises for small groups of muscles, for example, lifting the bar to the biceps standing, pressing the legs, extending the legs in the sitting simulator, the French bench press lying down tabata for beginners, and others, of course, can be included in the program, however, remember that only basic exercises (squat, squeeze, thrust) on large groups of muscles, can give a powerful boost to the growth of muscle mass and strength, and all other exercises are only subsidiary (auxiliary), which effectively work on professionals and experienced athletes.

beginner workout
Beginner’s workout – pumping ab muscles

For beginners, we have already developed a training program, if you want to use it, then it is here for experienced athletes, whose experience of 2-3 years of continuous training also has its own training program.

With the correct approach to training, for half a year, according to our training system (the principle of it is built on the trainings of the strongest athletes, which were the strongest and powerful in the world, using basic muscle exercises), a beginner can add to the growth of strength indicators : bench press 20-30 kg, squat 40-50 kg, deadlift (if done) 40-50 kg, the figures are approximate, however, you can confidently count on a decent increase, and after the force, your muscle mass will immediately grow.

Technique of performing exercises for a beginner

Mastering the correct technique of doing exercises in bodybuilding is not only a guarantee ofjoints, ligaments and tendons, but also helps to load the target muscle groups more effectively, thereby increasing the productivity of the strength training many times.

Most of the injuries that beginners get in the gym are mainly due to clumsy, not correct technique of performing exercises. That is why, we strongly recommend that you study this section before performing this or that exercise.

When performing a deadlift, the likelihood of getting a back injury, lumbar spine is very high, so at the initial stage (at zero level of physical fitness), we recommend that it be replaced by hyperextension. And, upon the advent of 3-4 months, regular training, it will be possible to gradually include deadlift in training program for a beginner.

training for a beginner
Coach monitors the correct technique of doing the exercise

What threatens the wrong technique of doing exercises?

Incorrect technique of performing exercises makes us include in work, not the muscles that we train purposefully, as a result, the main muscle groups do not receive training stress, so the effect of the performed exercise for a beginner will be minimal. Not to mention the fact that the violation of technology, inevitably leads to health problems, for example:

  • Violation of the integrity of the muscle tissue
  • Tears, tearing tendons
  • Sprains
  • Intervertebral hernia
  • a pinched nerve
  • Dislocation

Among experienced athletes and professionals, it is quite popular to use a kind of ” cheating “, that is, when an athlete helps himself to perform an exercise violating the correct technique of his execution chest workout, to facilitate work with weight, in order to work with heavier burdens, so for beginners such the method of doing exercises is contraindicated.

beginner workout
Knee pain during the training


An extremely important diet in bodybuilding, not only for beginners, but also for experienced athletes. In other words, how you eat depends on your success in bodybuilding.

As a rule, beginners in the gym want to build muscle, but it’s impossible without adequate nutrition. Remember, one golden rule for mass recruitment :

The number of calories consumed with food per day should be more than the number of calories that you spend as a result of your livelihoods.

About how much to consume calories to build muscle, you can start from your initial state of the body. For example, you weigh 70 kg, and you want to gain 10 kg of muscles, this is required for natural training, about 3-4 years of regular training, while observing the rule of excess calories in the body.

Count the average number of calories you consume using this table, and how much you spend using this table, this will be your starting point, respectively, if you are worried that you can not gain mass, you need to increase the caloric value nutrition, you can do it, by gradually increasing the intake of complex carbohydrates, proteins.

beginner workout
Source of the proteins and carbohydrates

There is an easier way to increase caloric intake, you just start eating when you feel hungry. Normal will be considered if your weight will grow 1-2 kg in 2 weeks, but remember, the more your weight, the more difficult it will grow with time.

But that’s not all, for the recruitment of the masses, it is not enough just to increase the calorie intake, it is still necessary to understand what we eat. Your menu must consist of unsaturated fats, high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, sweets can be, but do not overeat, fruits and vegetables can be in unlimited quantities.

Try to consume food that does not contain harmful for the organism preservatives (sodium glutamate, sodium benzoate), artificial colors and flavor enhancers.

Distribute your diet for 5-6 meals, one reception does not need to consist of chicken breast with rice and mayonnaise, but it can be just a protein cocktail with a banana.

In the first half of the day, try to consume more carbohydrate second protein ratio of 50% carbohydrates, 30% proteins 20% fats.

In addition, with a lack of protein food in the body, muscle mass growth will also be impossible, so build up to provide 2-2.5 grams of protein per 1 kg of weight, if you do not want to constantly stand at the stove for hot chicken breasts, you can spend in a sports nutrition store, on protein and creatine.

Restoration of the body

The body after training, gets a lot of stress, exhausted both the nervous system and energy reserves. Therefore, if you want to not only progress in the gym, but also not to overtraining, then you should take care of a full recovery.

The main emphasis is on a healthy 8-9 hour sleep, but if you have the opportunity to visit a massage therapist, a bath, a sauna, then this will only be a plus.

start training
Rest after training

All sorts of parties after training, the psyche at work and at home, all this negatively affects the recovery of the body as a whole. Therefore, try to set priorities for yourself, which is more important for you, training for a beginner or throwing negative emotions on the interlocutor.

If you intend to go smart with your mind in your gym, think not only about your muscles but also your health, then things like alcohol and nicotine will not be included in your relaxation program for recovery.

Thus, the athlete, who intends to achieve a serious result in the gym, should, if possible, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Sleep at least 8-9 hours
  2. Periodically visit the sauna / bath, massage therapist
  3. Avoid nervous stress and physical stress
  4. Balanced and high-quality nutrition, adhering to the rate of calorie intake for muscle growth
  5. Use the principle of cyclicity in their training programs (light, medium and heavy workouts)
  6. Find a sexual partner (healthy sex – a powerful source of endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine and testosterone)
  7. Abandon bad habits, mainly from drugs, nicotine and alcohol

The first 2-3 years of training in the gym, beginner will be particularly difficult, the body will be lazily transformed into a new, sporty lifestyle. And in this period of time, the main thing is not to break down, as your successes, many friends and acquaintances of envy can say “why do you need it”, “all the rolling is not turning,” “yes they do not at all”, of course such “Good people” should not be listened to, the success of another person in business often raises the lowest, animal instincts of envy in people, as a result of which successful people begin to “pour” mud, because they themselves have not achieved anything.

Be persistent and unshakable in your goals, tune in, motivate yourself to the result. Then to you any obstacles will be on the shoulder. More details about the mood and motivation we wrote here.

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