Large weights and high repetitions. What to choose?


You are famous throughout the world for your training with ungodly huge weights and repetitions, the number of which is quite large. Does not this contradict each other, and if so, how do you become more and more?

Bodybuilder’s answer:

Bodybuilders seem to have been brainwashed, making them think that these principles are opposites, so they train separately for each, because they think with something that these are conflicting goals. They will use heavy weight for low repetitions, willingly sacrificing the form for the mass, or they will use lighter weights for a large number of repetitions, willingly sacrificing the mass for the form. As a result, both society and bodybuilders seem to be brainwashed, they say, these two principles contradict each other, so they train separately for each principle, because they think that each of them individually and have conflicting goals. As a result, both indicators – both mass and form, ultimately suffer, because both are alternately neglected.

Squats. Low reps and high weights

I do not think whether I work with heavy weight or a lot of repetition when I train. My main principle is simply to make my muscles swell to their maximum.

After realizing and accepting this, everything else falls into place. I can apply the very heavy weight directly to my muscles, and with this I can still use as many repetitions as necessary to achieve the perfect pumping (pumping). In other words, heavy weight and a large number of repetitions refer to the quality of the pumping that they inject into the muscles for this particular exercise, body part and / or approach.

weights and repetitions
Bench press. Low weight and high reps

If I try to pump out smaller muscles, such as biceps, I believe that strictly 12 pure repetitions are better pumped than four or six repetitions with cheats with much heavier weights. I do not use the heaviest weights that can lift muscles; I use the heaviest weights that will provide these muscles with the maximum pumping for them in any number of repetitions that will be required.

Bodybuilder’s opinion:

For most of the body (large muscle group), such as back, the story changes. I want to feel the maximum pumping in many muscles, in a wider area. What, most likely, is obtained from a very low number of repetitions with very heavy weight. Lighter weight and a higher number of repetitions can create good pumping in several muscles, but the weight will not be enough to tap into all the muscles in the complex.

When I’m doing cravings, for example, I need to go down to two repetitions in my last approach to get better pumping over the entire back muscles, but it also means I need to hang 400 kg on the bar of the bar. For traction to myself (bottom), on the other hand, my best pumping is between 10 and 12 repetitions, when I have 200 kg on the block.

Advanced bodybuilder

I can pull a lot more weight, if I did only two repetitions, but I would not achieve the same good pumping in my back muscles, which means that I would not have achieved so much mass, thickness and muscle density all over my back. Here is another example, when I do sit-ups with a barbell on the chest for the upper part of the quadriceps, the best pumping comes at the sixth repetition, with 290 kg on the rod. I could use more weight and go down for two repetitions, but then there will not be such a bloating. In addition, I could do 10 or 12 repetitions with less weight, but the pumping would not be so deep and full.

When I do leg extension at the same workout, I do not achieve my ideal quadriceps pump until my 30th rep, that’s why I only have 150 kg on the block. Again, I could make movements with several hundred pounds for a couple of repetitions,

Ignore your ego, and focus on pumping the most amount of muscle fibers in the most effective manner. I do this by allowing my pumping (pumping) to be my guide in this direction.

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