Top 8 exercises at home to strengthen back muscles

back muscles

We present to you the top 8 exercises at home to strengthen back muscles at home, which can strengthen the muscles of the back and the press, make them strong, healthy and embossed. The most important effect after performing these exercises: the appearance of a powerful muscle corset and the removal of pain in the back, due to increased blood circulation, that is, saturation with nutrients (fatty acids, amino acids, glucose) enrichment with oxygen, hormones and so on.

People with strong muscles of the trunk, legs and hips are less likely to suffer from back pain than those who do not pay enough attention to musculature development, and this is not surprising. Fortunately, there are quite a few fairly simple exercises that allow to strengthen all the mentioned muscle groups.

We recommend that you start with the exercises described below, because they focus on strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and back that support the spine. Over time, when the muscles get stronger, they will become strong, you can connect the exercises with the bar in the gym, for example, the Romanian pull rod, the slopes with the bar, the rod rod in the slope, the classic squats with the bar.

Exercises to strengthen the back and press

All exercises for the back and abdominals can be performed at home, for this you only need a spacious room, comfortable, sportswear and a rubber mat.

back muscles
Beautiful woman’s back

Exercise “dead beetle”

It is necessary to lie on your back and bend your knees without taking your feet off the floor. Press the lower back to the floor, and then lift it slightly and hold it in this position. Pull your arms along the sides in such a way that your fingers lightly touch the hip bone. Now strain the muscles of the press and imagine that you are preparing to strike. Raise one foot a few centimeters up, continuing to strain the abdominal muscles and not letting the lower back flex. Then lower your leg and lift the second one. Hold your hands on each side to make sure that the pelvis does not move.

Exercise should be repeated with each foot 10 times. If you do not feel the necessary load, then you can complicate the exercise, completely tearing off the legs and hands from the floor.

back muscles
Exercise dead beettle

The bridge lying on the floor (back deflection)

Lie on your back, keep your knees bent and do not tear your feet off the floor. As in the previous exercise, try to take a neutral position – that is, the lower back should not touch the floor. After this, lift the hips, without bending the spine and transferring your weight to the upper back. Hold your hips in this position until you feel that they are being pulled down. At the same time, your hands should be stretched out on the sides so that you can rest against them on the floor – this will help you keep your thighs in one position. After that, lower the hips to the floor and do 20 repetitions.

To increase the difficulty of the exercise, you can alternately raise your arms and legs at a time when the hips are torn from the floor. Over time, you can attach a small weight to the ankles, which will increase the effectiveness of this exercise.

back muscles
The bridge lying on the floor exercise at home

Partial sytap

The starting position is as follows: lying on your back, bend your knees without taking your feet off the floor. Raise the lower back as you did in the previous two exercises. You can roll a towel and put it under your back if you find it difficult to maintain this position. Pull your arms out on each side, putting your hands on the top of your hips. Then start moving the body upwards until your hands touch the knees. Before returning to the starting position, remain in this position for a few seconds.

During the entire exercise, make sure that the lower back remains fixed. Now repeat this movement, but at the same time stretch both hands first to the left knee, and then to the right one.

Do 20 repetitions in each direction.

Exercise a partial rise (sit-up)

Cross / simultaneous lifting of hands and legs lying

Lie on your stomach, straight back. You can put a towel under your stomach to ease the exercise. Tighten the abdominal muscles, and then lift the right leg and left hand to the maximum possible height, trying not to bend them (or simultaneously, both hands and both legs, as shown in the picture). In this case, the back should also remain flat. After you return to the starting position, raise the left leg and right arm, or repeat the simultaneous raising of hands and feet

Do 20 repetitions in 3-4 approaches.

Train back muscles
Exercise – simultaneous lifting of the arms and legs lying

Lifting hands and feet from the “on all fours” position

Take the emphasis lying, leaning on the palms and knees. Keep your back straight, not letting it fall down. Tighten the abdominal muscles, then raise your left arm and right leg, trying not to bend them, and keep your back in the starting position. After lifting your arm and leg to the maximum possible height, hold them for a couple of seconds, then lower them.

Repeat this exercise with your right hand and left foot. It is recommended to do 10 to 20repetitions.

Strenghten the back muscles
Exercise – lifting the arms and legs from the position “on all fours”

Air squats

Stand up straight and put your feet to the width of your shoulders, your knees look strictly at the direction of your socks, your gaze is directed forward. Start squatting without bending or rounding your back. Take your butt muscles back and your chest in front, causing your center of gravity to move down. It is very important to evenly distribute the weight throughout the foot – in no case should you rely solely on socks or only on the heels.

To avoid pain in the knees, do not bend them more than 90 degrees. However, the effectiveness of this exercise will be reduced, so if you do not experience discomfort when doing sit-ups to a 90-degree angle, try to sit down just below the parallel.

Do 30-40 repetitions, in 3-4 approaches.

For more advanced athletes, we recommend squatting with the barbell, which not only strengthens the back, but also makes the buttocks elastic (inflated).

Train back muscles and legs
Exercise – air squats (no weight)

Lowering the legs

Lay down on your back, bending your knees and touching the floor with your feet. Tighten the abdominal muscles so that the lower back does not fall down, and slowly straighten one leg. Then, without loosening the abdominal muscles and bending the knee, lower the leg to the floor. Then repeat the exercise with the second leg, keeping the lower back in the starting position.

We advise you to do 10-20 repetitions in 3-4 approaches.

Back muscles and legs training
Exercise – alternate lowering of the legs lying on the back


Approaching the simulator, adjust its height to it by adjusting the lower rollers in height. Arrange, as shown below in the photo, with your arms crossed over your chest or with your head. The angle between the body and hips is 90 degrees, this will be considered the starting position.

On deep inspiration, powerful back movement, tightening the gluteal muscles, lift the trunk slightly above the parallel of the floor, after exhaling, stay at the upper point for 1 second, this will be considered as one repetition. At the initial level, you will have 15-20repetitions in 3-4 approaches, in the future you can weight the exercise by additionally weighed on top (a pancake from a bar weighing 5-20 kg).

This exercise develops purposefully the lumbar region (extensors of the muscles of the back), the so-called muscle columns.

Back muscles

The main mistakes of newcomers:

  • round back
  • incorrect adjustment of the simulator (the upper roller should be under the upper part of the hips, and the lower one, at the end of the Achilles tendon or just above it)
  • too much movement amplitude at the top, and small at the bottom
  • jerky and sharp movements, instead of smooth and controlled
  • use of additional weights, without the supplied technique and developed muscular corset back

In addition to strong back, your power results in the deadlift can also go up, because for the failure of the bar from the floor, it is the lower back, of course, if you are passionate about powerlifting.

back muscles
Powerful woman’s back

In order to at least somehow simulate the last exercise at home, you need to lie down on the floor with your stomach, ask the assistant partner to fix the legs in motion (or let them sit on them, or keep them by the hands), while you put your hands in the lock for the head, then follows, to begin lifting the trunk, while trying to maximize the amplitude of the movement, but so that the lower back would not reduce. So, follow 3-4 approaches, for 30-40 repetitions.

All the above exercises, you can use the rehabilitation period after the trauma (with the preliminary consultation of the treating doctor), and also to maintain the muscles of the press and back in tone.

Strong muscles of the back and the press act as a safety cushion before injuries (dislocation of discs, intervertebral hernia, pinching of the nerve), which are so popular in hard work or in the gym with excessive lumbar overloads

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